Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back again!!

Hello again... I forgot to say before that I won a FANTASTIC give-away!!
I won a gorgeous little resin and paper birdy brooch from RE-read, they are handmade out of old currently unloved-preloved children's books!! Soooooo quirky and original!
The posts on Re-reads blog always make for an interesting read also!!
Take a peek, leave a comment, and you might also win one of her fab little creations!
http://mantahay-re-read.blogspot.com/2010/02/can-i-have-cupcake-and-can-you-please.html This is the link to her latest give-away!!

Hello Jade and Pam!

Yay! I have two followers here now, other than myself!
I don't know what to add today that is interesting in any way... but I can tell you about a website I found the other day that was fun, funny and managed to suck an hour or two out of my day!!
It was Cake wrecks.... ( http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ ) I have had some huge HUGE cake disasters, and found it thoroughly amusing reading about some one Else's!! And some of the others that were actually for sale in Bakeries!!
My Partner is a baker, and I am quite sure they don't sell anything vaguely like some of the doozies they have on this site!! If they did, he might be tempted to bring them home to eat!!
I don't encourage the bringing home of cakes... my butt does not need that at the moment!! I am having enough trouble avoiding the chocolate aisle at the supermarket!! I am tempted to break out my emergency mars bar! It has been in my hand bag since early November just in case of a 'choc - crisis' and I haven't touched it... amazing!!
I did take it out to check it hadn't melted out of a hole in the wrapper or something like that... it hadn't but it was as flat as a tack!!

Oh well.... Back to the paint!!
Have a great week!!