Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh....It is WAY to hot in my house!!

I got my paint clothes off the line this morning hoping they would still be wet... drat!!

I have tried painting... but the paint is drying on the brush!!

I have managed to paint a set of book ends, almost finish a glasses case, and a bucket... so it isn't all bad!!
I am trying to think up something to sew... It is not really a case of what to sew, but which one to sew... I have so many designs swirling round in my head!
These are a few of the any things I have painted over the past year... just a little reflection!

Have a Happy, and SAFE New year!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The weekend....

Well.... the weekend came , went, another one came... so much for my daily musings!!

Oh well.... It feels sort of funny rambling on to myself!!
The cat just came in for the night and is yowling at an alarming pitch... just to remind me that I forgot to go shopping and buy his favorite food... He will have so settle for dried, till tomorrow!

For a change, he... the mighty Casper! didn't beg for food this morning, instead turning his attention to some new snooze spot outside, by doing this, his nagging didn't remind me to do the shopping!!
The guilt!
I know I will pay for this tomorrow morning...

There is NO snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast!

This is a photo of Casper, and Charlie my little princess who , in this photo, had split her head open while running down the hallway, she hit the wall where two hallways meet, pointy and hard... poor Charlie!
She also has on Daddy's baking hat!
It has been over 6 months since it occurred, and the scar is fading!
I am sure my little dare devil will add many more scratches and scars to this little body...she has just began leaping from tall surfaces!!
The worry.....!!