Thursday, October 29, 2009

New items added on my website!!

Totally cute shoes!!
These are for sale on my website

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silly things that keep me up!

I decided to check my emails before bed... bad idea number 1...
I looked into one of the emails, read a comment that was added to another post I had added else where , it contained reference to a site called 'craft fail'... ( sounds interesting right??
Well I thought I would take a peek... bad idea number 2...
I have just spent the last hour (maybe??) giggling, snorting, crying with laughter at some of the mishaps on this site!! SOOOOO funny!!
I don't know if it was that I can seriously relate to these mishaps, or if it is just far to late, and i should have gone to bed hours ago!! Check it out for a giggle... and make sure to check out the first installment of the 'sock frog'...I loved it! Some of the cake fails are also great!!
Please feel free to share any 'fails' you may have had!!

Day one....

Well.... this is the first day of my new blog...the creative life.
Hopefully this will provide links common to all my artistic persuits!
Please take the time to look through my other blogs, and websites.

Busy ,Busy ,Busy!!